TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEYS through the gentle art of story.

Truly empowering rites, workshops and circles for anybody seeking the creative power of their true voice.

What if every life was designed as a quest for us each to make to find the true gold of our gifts, of our courage and unique contribution to what it is to be human, to survive the struggles and share the treasure of our adventure? If you can find the gold in your real life struggles and triumphs, discover the genius behind your journey and the courage to express that with style, you will untap a creative power you were born to share.

These unique and empowering workshops use the beautiful craft of writing to explore the gold of our own life stories and discover the courage and style to bring that into our everyday lives. They are profound rites for anybody seeking to reclaim their power, strengthen their voice, take the riches of a life story and claim authority in their future.

 “These courses doesn’t just change your writing, they change your life!

Definitely the best workshop I’ve done ~ ever!”    Nadine McNeil, Yoga Barn, Bali.

Write of Passage is a wonderful experience for writers, non-writers, those who feel stuck in life, seek a creative push or have old stories tugging at them, while fresh wild ones are exhuastingly… just out of reach. if you don’t write, but can use a pencil, then you will get more than you imagine from this adventure in sharing stories.

For writers, whether in fiction, non-fiction, science, romance, poetry, blog, journalism or just in your imagination, there is a choice of courses, circles and mentoring opportunities that have made extra-ordinary differences to students around the world. These simple but powerful journeys will connect you to the heart of your work, that force that inspires you to write and your natural genius for expression in a way that will change your written voice forever. Restore creative passion, clarify your purpose for writing and for being, tap into free-flow and learn the arts that will make writing in any genre easy, eloquent and spellbinding to read.

Ideal for new writers, stuck novelists, recovering academics, tired journalists and aspiring authors, these courses empower people who have a calling to share stories by shifting energy, sharpening focus and connecting the writing process to the natural genius for creative expression that is at the heart of every one of us.

Working with Jade is pure medicine and goes so far beyond the writing. She is a natural teacher, storyteller, healer and mystic who works on a very special level.

In just a short time she moved and inspired me in ways I haven’t known for years. She is a truly embodied and powerful woman who owns her craft, shares from the heart and speaks the truth.

Writing with her will change your life ~ being around her will restore your faith in humanity!

Kate Reardon

Author, The Essential Fast, & owner at Natural Instinct Healing centre, Bali & Australia