‘If you have the call to write, if a story is nagging at you and pulling at your bedsheets… if you have a vision for teaching, expressing, uplifting or serving through stories or articles, Jade’s method will strengthen your connection to the Muse that inspires you, and equip you with the fundamental arts of storytelling.”

She was stuck atop a de-railed steamtrain somewhere between the Ecuadorian Andes and the Pacific Ocean when an Australian man turned to Jade and said, “We each have the responsibility to weave our own myth.

That, a copy of Hakim Bey’s Temporary Autonomous Zone, and events over the next few days which would require her to punch a cinematographer in the face and catch a Canadian waterfall climber in mid-air, helped Jade make sense of the human urge to write.

Since then she has won awards for professional writing, erotic fiction and poetry. With more than 20 years of exploring what it is to be a writer, both as work and as self expression, for learning and teaching, Jade has studied with leading teachers of writing and mythology, and explored the art of storytelling herself as a professional journalist, features writer and poet. These courses are an offering of everything she learned about living as a writer, about writing with elegance, and overcoming both the ecstacies of inspiration and the agonies of ‘the work’ to produce stories in any genre.

Jade is a skilful editor, insightful teacher and accomplished adventurer who has reported in Africa, the Amazon, India, Antarctica, Bolivia and Indonesia as she follows her pen and teaches others the arts of beautiful writing around the world. You can see her work in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, Penthouse, Italian Vogue, Outdoor, Qantas, Gourmet Traveller and elephantjournal, among many others.

“Stories are the original alchemy,” she says. “It is through them that we make sense of the world and express our own voices in the creative splendour of an unfathomable universe. If you have the call to write, it is a call to adventure. These retreats will give you the skills and the courage, the clarity of purpose and gifts of expression to assist you.”

Drawing on her own experience as an award-winning writer, professional journalist and editor over twenty years, and from the methods and insights of leading authors and experts in storycraft and human expression, Jade teaches a way of connecting to story and expressing in writing that is unique in the world. Her Write of Passage and Way of the Writer retreats synthesise indigenous approaches to storytelling with techniques from classical writing training, theatre, investigative journalism, non-fiction structural techniques and poetic prose.

They will change the way you write forever.