In stories lies the soul of the whole world.
Heartbook Writing empowers new and experienced storytellers through shifting energy, sharpening focus and teaching the powerful skills that connect your writing process to the natural genius for creative expression, archetype and poetic brilliance at the heart of the human condition.

There is a common belief among writers, and even among writing teachers, that turning your vision for weaving a story, writing a book, being a journalist or creating a blog into actual writing should be expected to be a bit (if not a lot) of a struggle.

This is not true. Unless you want it to be.

Writing, like all of the Arts, can be a beautiful process of creative expression that flows gracefully and easily from its source of inspiration.

Writing does not even need to result in hunched shoulders, isolation and wrestling with the dreaded ‘block’ – there is a much better Way. This is what we teach.

Heartbook Writing is based on a simple foundation that enables students to shed the perceived weight of the writers’ task, freeing them to create in ease, with enthusiasm and eloquence in the beautiful process of written expression. Our aim is to produce inspired, excited, prolific writers whose skills in the arts of storytelling will support them in all genres.

By connecting to the source of your inspiration, discovering your natural writer’s voice, learning to see the hidden design in your own written work, you will shift into a relaxed state of confidence and love for the writing process which will change the way you write forever. Add powerful skills in structure and style, and your written work will sing.

Heartbook Writing retreats take you deep into your own writing, explore your will to write and the inherent (but sometimes invisible) plot, structure, themes, characters and design in your ideas. They do not include long hours of listening to other people’s work, generic formulas, psychoanalysis or theories about being a writer.

We are heavily focused on your writing now.

We aim to shift energetic, emotional or mental blocks that deplete energy and enthusiasm, as well as inspire students to see the world with a writer’s eye on our adventures in technique, spellcraft in language, architecture, style and ways to thrive in this craft as a hobby or profession. These courses are ideal for starting or re-starting a written project of any sort, our students have had success with memoir, travel writing, non-fiction, journalism, blog and biographical novels.

New and experienced writers are welcome in all genres.