Finding the gold in your life story ~  a one-day quest for the real-life treasure of your own biography. In the beautiful surrounds of Ubud, on Bali, Indonesia.

Friday February 10, 2017
An empowering one-day workshop; 10am – 5pm. Includes lunch, refreshments and the rare chance to work in an intimate group with deep personal attention to your journey and your writing.  $US 150

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The gold of each life, the treasure we seek, is hidden in our own true story. Join me and a small group of others as we use writing and story work to explore the book of your own life, and take courage and guidance from there.

A magical write to take you into 2017 with clarity, courage & purpose

“Working with Jade doesn’t just change your writing; it changes your life!”  Nadine McNeil, Bali 2015

~ * ~

There is no greater adventure than to travel with wisdom over the landscape of your own life; to bring it all to light – the caves, the forests, the failures, triumphs, fears, shame and hopes of the legend you have already been living.

It’s all here – already present; your purpose, your gifts, your direction and the blessings that a life lived artfullly, in harmony with the soul’s true story, is destined to share. Join a small circle using the powerful craft of beautiful writing to shed light across life, free stuck story, slay old dragons, discover your symbols ofpower and joy and own all that in True Story.

To tap this welll is to find the greatest gift of a life – your own true power, the recovery of creative passion, the voice that fits you and the eloquence, passion and courage to share it.