A wonderfully inspiring and enlightening writing workshop.

Jade has a grand talent and knows exactly how to share the enthusiasm and craft.

– Tom Ives, Ecuador

Jade pushed me to embody my inner writer so that I could see her emerge before my own eyes!

– Zuri Walker, USA

Have you every had the experience of reading something really funny in a public place… like an airplane or train? At first you find yourself smiling, then smirking, then snorting, then outright laughing… (suddenly wondering if the people sitting next to you think you are crazy) Jade Richardson is such a writer … witty, pithy, with a writing  style that gets to the heart of the matter!

– Charley Patton, Co-owner, The Yoga Barn, Bali

“I am fresh out of Write of Passage and feel a new surge of focus, empowerment, clarity and energy. This course has brought me home to myself, and ignited a power at the core of my being that I have longed to get back in touch wih. How far I have come! This is a precious journey, I encourage you to take it.”

Devon Martin, Bali, 2016

This course not only transforms your writing, it transforms your life!

Erika Johansson, Theta healing, Taksu Resort, Bali, 2016

I got so much more from this course than I got from years of University and years of therapy as well! Jade showed me a way to get over myself, in touch with myself and tap into a deeper part of my stories and my writing that have brought me so much joy. I feel incredibly grateful to have found this outlet and to have had her to teach me.

Tanya Simmonds-Rosa, UK, 2016

A big thank you to Jade – her writing circles were a very rich experience for me and set me thinking and noticing some new things about myself, my art and my heart as well. She has super focus as a teacher and guide, creates a comfortable environment and knows how to coax, encourage and inspire her students to be truly change the way they write, share, listen and feel about themselves as well.

Rachel Elan Moore, artist, Israel, 2016

Writing with Jade? One word: awesome! Seriously! This is the best thing I’ve done in years.

Angela Cook, lawyer, Australia

I really enjoyed this workshop. It was amazing to see what came out of mean the beautiful writing that others share too. This was a chance to explore the voice of my body, the stories my soul wants to tell and get my editor, my personality, my fears, doubts and shame out of the way to find out how naturally good at this I can be.”

Natalie Shum, Germany, 2016

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Jade’s teaching style and her process is amazing and so eye opening! She clears the space, invites you in and then helps refresh you with fresh ideas, adventurous angles, bravery and sets a creative flow going that feels so good. Definitely a powerful adventure, and not just for writers – everybody should do this.”

Sophie Grutt, UK, 2016