Write of Passage
Way of the Writer
Discover the depths of your vision, and then simply write with joy into the flow.

Whether you have a writing project in mind or underway, or if would like more freedom in your writing life professionally or for fun – this course will make a profound difference to your zest for writing, your access to inspiration and confidence in yourself.

With guidance and independently, students explore their own work and the writing of other talents, tap into the intuitive genius of the poetic mind, develop courage and playfulness, remove blocks, frustrations and learn to freewrite on purpose with style and rhythm.

Limited to a small collaborative circle, we dive deep into the source of your writing, experiment with expression and enquire into the call to write – whether in fiction or non-fiction – to support motivation, inspiration, ease and beautiful results in first draft.

The Way of the Writer will connect you to the source of your creative expression through writing games and assignments, interviewing, storytelling and techniques from fiction, drama, crime writing, memoir and editing, so that your writing will sing with the natural freshness, brilliance of design and eloquent expression that are the heart of human storytelling.

You will leave us inspired, with a passion for writing new material and love for your own work.