Heartbook Writing retreats are more than a vacation, they are a transformative immersion in the writer’s journey – a powerful rite of passage that provides space to rest, release and recover from the work of gathering a story, as well as extraordinary opportunities for inspiration, creative development, clarity and transformation on the way ahead. We offer deep shifts, greater clarity and new energy for the writer as well as in the writing.

Most writers ‘earn their stories’ by living them either as characters in powerful life journeys, or as witnesses to them. A part of our retreat process honours and releases tensions and effort, fatigue and habits that can be the legacy of the first cylcle in the writer’s journey. Inside a program of daily writing we devote time to rest and rejuvenation, good nourishment and immersion in the beautiful places we have chosen to gather in, so that our writers can clear the space for the next level of their creative process to begin.

If you want to enrich your writing, recover your eloquence, begin a project or explore a calling to write, we offer a rich space for a deep emmersion that will assist you to remove obstacles to your flow, surrender deep in your writing and achieve greater energy, eloquence, flow and architecture in all your original work.

Do you need a good reason to retreat? Actually, yes! Read what the Soulful Women say about how retreats can change your life.


2017 – Write around the World, workshops and circles on offer.

Way of the Writer

Discover the depths of your vision, and then simply write with joy into the flow.
Whether you have a writing project in mind or underway, or if would like more freedom in your writing life professionally or for fun – this course will make a profound difference to your zest for writing, your access to inspiration and confidence in yourself.

Write of Passage – Spellcraft for Storytellers

There is a genius at the heart of brilliant writing that is deeper than technique, craft and all the ‘rules’ of good writing.
It is the secret of eloquence, structure, character and narrative voice, and what great writers mean when they talk about ‘flow’, ‘inspiration’ and the Muse behind their success.

Spellcraft for Gifted Writers

A deep and refreshing journey designed around ground-breaking new rules for 21st Century storycraft, based on practical tools for excellence in creative expression, and rare teachings of the Wisdom Goddesses as this era’s renewed power sources for creative energy, eloquence and inspiration.