The Powerful Craft of Owning Your Story

November 2 ~ 7, Ubud – $US380
earlybirds by November 15 – $350  

A rare chance to take this beautiful journey in its heartland, in Bali.

Refreshments provided.

Availability: Limited places, book soon.

A rare chance to take this beautiful journey in its heartland, in Bali.

Each life has a beautiful story of challenge, discovery and radiance within it.

Learn to see the gold in your biography, discover the genius behind your journey, and you will untap a creative power you were born to share.

As a journey of transformation, clarity and empowerment, and a pivotal rite for writers, speakers, story tellers anad those wishing to claim authorship of their stories, what could be more exciting than to hitch ourselves to a Bali eclipse!

 “This course doesn’t just change your writing, it changes your life!

Definitely the best workshop I’ve done ~ ever!”    Nadine McNeil, Yoga barn, Bali.

Stories have a living spirit we are born to discover. Tapping the true essence of your story, and the stories you share, finding your voice, clarifying your journey and being able to express it are among the central quests of all our lives.

This rich, vibrant 4 half-day course is for those with a passion to find and free their voices. It is empowering and transformative for those on the brink of a new work, seeking a creative push or longing to take the beautiful ride into powerful writing.

It will connect you deeper to the stories that shape you and the ones that are calling you to voice them. You will discover the genius behind your natural expression, and a clarity of purpose and brillaince of voice that will influence the way you write forever.

Using your own new work, and diving into themes, characters, genres, writiing technique and ideas that sing, writers will deepen their connection to a project or vision, unleash passion and energy, learn to harness it, and deliver with ease and eloquence.

If you seek creative courage – this is for you! If you have a project in mind, this rite will reveal its heart, deepen your understanding of its strengths, clarify its genre, structure and leave you with a high level of skill to accomplish it.

We begin with a 2-hour session together on the late afternoon of the 15th, before two half-days in which you will achieve a lot of new work, then a break before the final day on which you will be asked to submit a writing assignment for personal feedback and coaching.

Places are limited and the course fills fast ~ please contact me to book or ask.

“Jade is one of those teachers who sees a brilliance in students that they somehow know is there, but may struggle to connect with. She fans the flames of your gifts – her course is one the best I’ve ever done.”   Erica Bossman, Australia, 2015